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"And we have sailed the earth, that's how it starts.
When I say nature what do you think of? Do you think of yourselves? No, do you know why? Because we're the cunts of nature! We're the ones that have fucked it up, fucked ourselves up, killed billions on fucking billions of people around the world in the last century.
No, but we're more than that, we're part of the spirit that moves through all things and all things alike. We are god, god is us!
I don't believe in your flags, I don't believe in your parliaments, I don't believe in your priministers! I believe in you, my brothers and sisters.
This world is ours and we must treat it with respect"
- Serj Tankian, Download 2011


it’s true though why am i laughing

Red Moon, Lunar Eclipse on México, April 14th 15th 2014.